9 Reasons Why Prospects Want to Read Your Case Studies

Jason and Vanessa are analysts (the influencers) at companies that have outgrown their HR software. Their bosses have requested that they identify the best HR SaaS solutions available and create a short list of vendors for their decision makers to review.

As Vanessa and Jason do their research on products and solutions, they will zero in on case studies and customer success stories to help fine-tune the vendor short lists they are creating.

Why do prospects want to read your case studies?

  1. Prospects are looking for companies that they can identify with that have the same or similar problems that the prospects are looking to solve.
  2. They want to know why your customers made the decision to purchase your solutions.
  3. If a customer had been using a competing vendor’s solution, prospects want to know what made your customer decide to switch to your solution.
  4. Prospects want insight on how your customers successfully implemented your solutions.
  5. They want insight on issues your customers faced when implementing your solutions (e.g., integrating with legacy software)—and how you helped the customers resolve their issues.
  6. Prospects are looking for measurable benefits from implementing your solutions, such as cost savings, a good ROI, improved productivity, and sales growth.
  7. They are looking for proof that your solutions truly work to solve the business and technology problems that they face.
  8. They want validation that they should purchase from you—that you’re the best vendor with the best solution for them.
  9. Prospects want proof that you deliver on your promises, and they can trust you as a vendor and a partner who will be there for them long-term.

How case studies will help you get to the top of the vendor short list.

Case studies are valuable during the buyer’s journey and the sales process to impress your prospects’ key players—the influencers and the decision makers. Well-written case studies will help your prospects to gain the confidence they need to put you at the top of the vendor short list and to move forward with purchasing your solutions.

Jason and Vanessa—the continuing saga…

After our influencers—Jason and Vanessa—finished their vendor research, they submitted their vendor short lists to their decision makers.

What supporting documentation did they include with their short lists? Along with the cost-benefit analysis, they included a feature comparison and several case studies for each vendor. Oh, and for their favorite vendors, they submitted a couple of extra case studies.

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