Content Strategy in the Age of AI: What Content Marketers & Writers Need to Know

There will be winners and losers in the race for AI dominance. If your products and services are AI powered, here’s what you need to do to be a winner.

Your content needs to explain how your AI is helpful, honest, and harmless.

A November 2023 Pew Research Center survey shows that 52% of Americans are “more concerned than excited” about AI in their daily life.

Even if your potential customers are excited about using AI, they will still have concerns that you need to address.

To reassure prospects and win over reluctant buyers, your content should explain how:

  1. Your AI is helpful. Show the benefits and advantages of your AI and how it will help your buyers solve their problems and achieve their goals.
  2. Your AI is honest. Show that your AI is accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and won’t provide bogus or made-up information.
  3. Your AI is harmless. Show that your company practices responsible AI and has policies and verification processes in place for safe AI development. For example, describe the steps you are taking to assure that your AI will not share private or personal information, is not biased or toxic, and will not generate content inappropriate for children.

Show customers that you’re serious about responsible AI

Companies that use AI in their products need to show that they are serious about AI governance by having a corporate AI policy in place. The smartest AI companies will be the ones prominently displaying their responsible AI policies on their websites and clearly explaining in their content how their AI is helpful, honest, and harmless.

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