Stand out online in the age of AI-generated content.

How to anticipate user intent and map out targeted content for your customer journeys.

We wish we could market and sell our products to everyone, right? If we take that approach, our content ends up being too general and gets lost in the sea of AI-generated content.

You have a better chance of reaching prospects if you target your content for specific personas. What type of customers would you like to get more of?

Brainstorm your user intent scenarios.

Start brainstorming and documenting the user intent scenarios for each persona you create. Ask yourself, “what is the person trying to do” when they go online to search for something? What search terms are they likely to use?

User intent changes for each stage of the customer journey. So, you will want to document user intent scenarios for each stage.

Anticipating user intent is definitely an art. It requires that we put ourselves in the shoes, minds, and hearts of the persona. What’s their purpose, goal, or dream? What’s causing them pain? What’s driving them to search for solutions? Are they wondering if a solution even exists that can solve their problems?

By anticipating user intent for each persona, you’ll be able to map out the content you need to create to reach prospects that match the persona.

Create content that satisfies the user intent for each stage of your customer journey.

Once you start anticipating your persona’s search intent, you’ll be able to create content that real potential customers are more likely to find online and want to consume. This draws prospects into your customer journey and gives you the chance to continue satisfying their search intent—with the goal of turning them into satisfied buyers and advocates.

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